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Board No: 14
Dealer: E, Vul: Nil, Room Datum: 890
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Teams  Score Imps
North-SouthEast-WestContractLeadTricks  NS    EW      NS EW
1 DORBER Team3 MASTERS Team6H S8S131010  -1111
2 SLOANE Team14 WALSH Team6H S8C131010  1-1
3 MASTERS Team1 DORBER Team7H S9S131510  11-11
4 STEELE Team13 BROOKS Team6H NTC131010  1-1
5 BOWLES Team12 MARCHWICKI Team6H S8C12980  00
6 GORDON Team11 SHEIL Team6H S8C12980  00
7 CARSON Team10 SULTAS Team5H S2S12480  -11
8 LYONS Team9 VERDICKT Team5H S8C12480  00
9 VERDICKT Team8 LYONS Team4H S8S12480  00
10 SULTAS Team7 CARSON Team4SX EAH7500  1-1
11 SHEIL Team6 GORDON Team6H S8C12980  00
12 MARCHWICKI Team5 BOWLES Team6H SQC12980  00
13 BROOKS Team4 STEELE Team6H S6S12980  -11
14 WALSH Team2 SLOANE Team6H S8S12980  -11

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